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The Man Behind The Camera Of Modern Architecture:

An Insightful Interview With Fernando Guerra

Fernando Guerra has been behind a camera since he was 16 years old. His life has taken him on a considerable journey to document the most pivotal architecture of our generation. You might not know it, but you know his work. If you have seen the architecture of Álvaro Siza, Isay Weinfeld, Arthur Casas, or Zaha Hadid, then you have seen the photographs of Guerra. After working with Guerra for the past two years, publishing an array of his photographs on KNSTRCT, we thought it was time to hear the voice of such a monumental figure in the world of architecture.

Guerra is a humble man, passionate, talented and if you ask his brother, he’s a workaholic. Together, Fernando and his brother Sérgio, formed Ulitmas Reportagens, an image bank full of Fernando’s high quality photographs back in 2004. Fernando says Ultimas Reportagens “started based on this idea of sharing and today has become a mandatory stopping point for any architect to pass through. It will be online forever. These works will never cease being available online. And in 20 or 30 years, the children I photographed in a house will be able to see themselves in their parents’ house, when the house was new. It ends up almost being a time capsule.”

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