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The Book | Photography by Fernando Guerra

Mimesis Art Museum 2005-2013

The construction of the Mimesis Art Museum, designed by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza, was completed in 2009. It was built to function first and foremost as an art museum. Therefore, the museum is lit by natural light rather than electric lights to make people focus more intently on the artwork. This beautiful architectural achievement is located in Paju Book City near Seoul, a new town dedicated to 21st Century publishing and architecture.

The building was built jointly by Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira and Korean architect Kim June-song. With three floors, a basement and a total area of more than 3,600 square meters, the Mimesis Art Museum offers an expansive exhibition space as well as administrative and office areas on the mezzanine. On the inside, white and wooded surfaces are lit by indirect, natural lighting. On the outside, light grey, exposed cast concrete emphasizes the feline curves and sharp angles of the building.
The beauty and purity of its design and its cultural function make it an outstanding landmark among the many fine pieces of contemporary architecture that populate Paju Book City.

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