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CHRISTOPHORUS nº391 on Fernando Guerra

The official Porsche magazine

“Fernando Guerra is among the most celebrated architectural photographers in the world.
He’s a master at giving structures of concrete and steel an air of ethereal lightness and infusing architecture with motion.”

“What moves him is found in a garage in Lisbon:
four classic Porsche models from the years 1973 to 1995”

“It’s difficult to imagine a greater contrast between Fernando Guerra’s current location and the settings he normally finds himself in. The architectural photographer who captures futuristic buildings and breathtaking enfilades is standing in an ordinary garage. The austere, white room in central Lisbon is one of the most important places in his life. Outside, the raucous streets of the Portuguese capital are humming with activity— inside, behind the thick walls, it’s magnificently quiet. The garage is located on a little side street; an inconspicuous entrance with an electric door leads inside. The special thing about this decidedly ordinary location: in a space space roughly eight by eight meters, you’ll find four Porsche sports cars parked so closely that they’re almost touching. “My little family,” says Guerra, looking fondly at the quartet of cars in red covers. He finds the garage calming, a place where he can leave his work behind and clear his head, says Guerra.”

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