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Carlos Castanheira | Photography by Fernando Guerra | Phaidon

This new volume highlights over 20 new projects. Each project in the book is explained in-depth with texts by author Carlos Castanheira, Nuno Higino and Álvaro Siza himself, and shown through photographs by Fernando Guerra, complete sets of drawings, and a wealth of Siza’s sketches.


“Obras Recentes” texto de Carlos Castanheira Introdução ao novo livro

“Álvaro Siza acabou de completar setenta e cinco anos de vida e cinquenta e quatro de actividade profissional como arquitecto.
O interesse pela realização ou construção arquitectónca começou muito cedo, por volta dos quinze anos, com o projecto e construção de um anexo no quintal da casa dos pais que serviu como laboratório e espaço de estudo dos irmãos. O pavilhão, como a família lhe chamava e chama, ainda existe e em breve será restaurado.
Seguiu-se posteriormente a reestruturação da cozinha da Casa da Avó, um portão para um tio, um quarto de banho para uma amiga da família, quatro casas geminadas, os estudos de arquitectura na Escola de Belas Artes, o contacto com o mestre Carlos Ramos, as viagens ao estrangeiro em especial a visita de estudo à Finlândia e o trabalho e amizade com Fernando Távora.” (mais)

“Recent Works” text by Carlos Castanheira | Intro on the new book

“Álvaro Siza has now reached seventy five years of age and has completed fifty four years of professional activity.His interest in building, or architectural construction, manifested itself early, when at about fifteen years of age, he designed and built a shed in the garden of his parent’s home which served as workshop and study space for his brothers. The pavilion, as the family calls it, still exists and is soon to be restored.
Next came the remodelling of the kitchen in his grandmother’s house, then a gateway for an uncle, a bathroom for a family friend, four semi-detached houses, studying architecture at the School of Fine Art, contact with the master Carlos Ramos, travels abroad, in particular to Finland and the work and friendship with Fernando Távora.” (more)

Copyright Carlos Castanheira & Phaidon Press | 2009

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The Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza received one of architecture’s most prestigious prizes, the Royal Gold Medal. As part of the Royal Institute of British Architect’s (RIBA) celebrations for its 175th anniversary, Siza was presented with the award by Her Majesty The Queen at a private audience at Buckingham Palace, followed by a celebratory dinner held in his honour at the RIBA.

Awarded in recognition of a lifetime’s work, the Royal Gold Medal is approved personally by Her Majesty The Queen and is given annually to a person or group of people whose lifetime’s work has had a significant influence on international architecture.
The honour recognises the impact Siza has made on architecture; he is a major figure in European architecture who has remained true to his artistic and ethical principles and achieved a prolific portfolio of work worldwide, which remains rooted in his native city of Porto.

Sunand Prasad, President of the RIBA said:

“Álvaro Siza is simply a profoundly complete architect who defies categorisation. The forging of a masterful and seemingly inevitable architecture out of the possibilities of a site is one of the supreme characteristics of Álvaro Siza’s architecture. He manipulates his readings of place into sculptural forms that are never predictable or ordinary, yet are never allowed to dominate over use or typological intelligibility.
In Siza’s buildings, perhaps like no others, it is the relationships between the elements of the architecture that is given primacy rather than the shape or texture of the elements themselves. This is an architecture in which an economy of expressive means is combined with an abundance of spatial revelation.
Álvaro Siza is, and always has been, a committed teacher and educator. He has enabled many younger architects to gain commissions through the work he was initially offered and this selflessness is one of many examples of his commitment to the greater architectural project, rather than to personal success. Unusually for an architect of such international standing, Siza has deliberately kept his studio small to ensure his attention to every project. He is generous with his appreciation of other architects.

For the inspiring and instructive body of work he has produced over 40 years, and for his immense contribution to architecture through dialogue and teaching, the RIBA, on behalf of H. M. the Queen, is honoured to present the 2009 Royal Gold Medal for Architecture to Álvaro Joaquim Melo Siza Vieira. We wish him many more years of fulfilment of his unique vision of the possibilities of building.”

RIBA catalogue with photography by FG

arq|a january 2009

A edição da revista portuguesa Arq/a de Janeiro, mostra em primeira mão o projecto da Igreja em Portalegre de João Luís Carrilho da Graça. Brevemente no últimasreportagens um portfolio completo, da obra recente deste arquitecto.

The January edition of the Portuguese magazine Arq/a shows first-hand the church project in Portalegre by João Luís Carrilho da Graça. A complete portfolio of this architect’s recent works will appear shortly in últimasreportagens.

Link: Daniel Carrapa (blog barrigadeumarquitecto) sobre JLCG Arquitectos

Théâtre & Auditorium de Poitiers
Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa
Campo Maior

Novo número da revista 2G dedicada a Paulo David onde se apresentam os seus projectos mais conhecidos como o centro das artes Casa das Mudas, piscinas do Atlântico e o restaurante e passeio marítimo das Salinas. São mostrados também diversos projectos recentes como a reordenação da baia da Câmara de Lobos, as grutas de São Vicente ou as casas do Bom Sucesso em Óbidos, Portugal.
ão na sua maioria disponíveis no ultimasreportagens (reportagens 5, 79, 124, 139, 258 e 259) tendo sido fotografados em diversas sessões nos últimos 4 anos.
Fotografias inéditas da Casa das Mudas, fotografada em exclusivo para esta edição, no próximo update do ultimasreportagens.

Latest issue of 2G magazine dedicated to Paulo David and his best-known projects like the Casa das Mudas Art Centre, the Atlântic swimming pools, and theSalinas Restaurant and costal promenade. Recent projects are also shown including the reorganisation of Lobos Bay, the São Vicente caves and the Bom Sucesso homes in Óbidos, Portugal.

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