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Architecture: Fernando Guerra travels through time without leaving home


Far from the camera, the terrain and the routine of more than 100 annual trips, architectural photographer Fernando Guerra continues to go to his office every day. It is from the offices of FG+SG that he takes advantage of the period of “forced break” to revisit his extensive photographic archive, which gathers around 20 years of work.

The images you share on your Instagram account, since March 17th, are tagged with the hashtag #stayathome and show people inhabiting the architectural spaces that Guerra photographed over the years. “When all this started, I decided to use my voice to encourage people to stay at home”, he explained to P3. “At this point, it’s not selling something that motivates me, so I’m not interested in showing work in an organized way, as I’ve been doing over the last few years.” He prefers, yes, “to be calm” and to place “loose” images that allude to the theme of quarantine or isolation.

For Fernando Guerra, these are strange days. “I never took a vacation”, reveals the photographer. “A month ago I was in the United States”, he recalls. “And shortly before the flights ended, I managed to return from Morocco, the last trip I took before the start of the state of emergency period.” Now, the architectural photographer is looking forward to having freedom of movement again to add more projects to the list of 2500 that he has already portrayed throughout his career. “For now, I’ll have to content myself with traveling through my archive.”