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O últimas reportagens está ainda mais próximo, presente agora na rede social facebook disponibiliza diariamente e em primeira mão novos conteúdos, que incluem o acesso constante a publicações on-line e revistas com fotografias de Fernando Guerra, últimos destaques, reportagens completas e exclusivas, uma lista base com todas as reportagens e o UR daily que diariamente exibe uma nova fotografia que representa uma reportagem diferente no ultimasreportagens.com

Últimas reportagens is now on Facebook with daily and firsthand updates that include continuous access to online publications with Fernando Guerra photographs, latest highlights, complete and exclusive articles, a basic list of all pieces, and the UR daily which posts a new photograph from a different article on ultimasreportagens.com.

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ANTIGONO de Antonio Mazzoni com libreto de Pietro Metastasio e figurinos de José António Tenente
ANTIGONO by Antonio Mazzoni with libretto by Pietro Metastasio and costumes by José António Tenente

"Uma ópera sem memória? Foi de esplendor efémero a estreia de Antigono em 1755. Nesse Outono fatídico de Lisboa, a produção em cena era das mais luxuosas da época e contava com um elenco de prestígio internacional: um dos castrati era Gaetano Guadagni (o eleito de Handel para cantar no Messias e o primeiro Orfeu na ópera de Gluck). O Divino Sospiro quer resgatar esse esplendor e dar-lhe a vida que ficou perdida nas ruínas do grande terramoto..."

"An opera without memory? The debut of Antigono in 1755 had an ephemeral splendour. In that fateful Autumn in Lisbon, the production was one of the most luxurious of the season and had a cast of international prestige: Gaetano Guadagni was one of the castrati (the chosen one to sing in Handel's Messiah and the first Orpheus in Gluck's opera). The Divino Sospiro wants to rescue that splendour and give it the life that was lost in the ruins of the earthquake..."

ver Antigono / see Antigono

4 years later, a new cover for Casabella magazine
Mimesis Museum | Álvaro Siza
December issue 2010
Text by Marco Mulazzani / Casabella

“Finally, Alvaro Siza went to Korea, when the construction of the museum had almost been completed. The photographs by Fernando Guerra show him, as we would expect to see him, intent on drawing - or, if you prefer, on storing up other memories, certainly to be "forgotten" when the time comes to start a new project. Perhaps, had the Kublai Khan met him, he would have spoken to him with words similar to those addressed to Marco Polo: «It seems to me that you recognize cities better in the atlas than by visiting them in persona. We'd like to imagine an answer given by the Portuguese architect, not so different from the one supplied by the Venetian: ((Traveling, one notices that the differences tend to fade: every city starts to resemble all the others, places seem to swap form, order and distances, a formless dust invades the continents. Your atlas stores the differences, intact: that assortment of qualities that are like the letters of the names. The same qualities of the atlas of Kublai Khan, perhaps, can be seen in the "atlas" of Siza - from which, until each form has found its architecture, new works of architecture will continue to be born.”

more about Minesis Museum
casabella web site

Últimas Edições
Latest editions

Últimas edições
Latest editions

É com enorme satisfação que concretizamos uma nova etapa na FG+SG e anunciamos que a partir desta data poderá adquirir as nossas imagens. Respondendo a uma solicitação recorrente nos últimos dez anos por interessados em fotografia e arquitectura, pensamos estarem reunidas as condições ideais para oferecermos um portfólio de imagens de Fernando Guerra que estará disponível para encomendar e coleccionar a preços acessíveis.

No arranque deste novo projecto teremos 3 colecções de 12 imagens cada, disponíveis em dois formatos. Com uma edição limitada de vinte exemplares, a selecção de imagens será aumentada regularmente. As imagens serão acompanhadas por um certificado de autenticidade assinado pelo autor e marcadas na margem inferior direita com um selo branco Digigraphie. O serviço de entrega está disponível para todo o mundo.

Um agradecimento especial à Epson que nos certificou com a qualidade Digigraphie, que garante não só a qualidade das impressões como a sua longevidade.

It is with great satisfaction that we have implemented a new stage at FG+SG whereby from today our images can be acquired. In response to constant requests over the past decade from parties interested in photography and architecture, we have decided to create the ideal conditions for providing a portfolio of images by Fernando Guerra which will be available to order at affordable prices.

For the launch of this new project, 3 collections of images have been made available in two formats. With a limited edition of twenty prints, the selection of images will be regularly expanded. The images will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the author and contain a white Digigraphie seal in the lower right hand corner. Worldwide delivery is available.

Special thanks goes to Epson for certifying us with Digigraphie quality, guaranteeing not only the quality of the prints, but also their longevity.

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Driss Kettani, Saad El Kabbaj, Mohamed Amine Siana | Universidade em Taroudant - Marrocos
Driss Kettani, Saad El Kabbaj, Mohamed Amine Siana | University in Taroudant - Morocco

C3 | New Houses in Portugal

Wallpaper* | December 2010 issue

João Luís Carrilho da Graça | Archaeological Center "São Jorge" Castle Lisbon, Pt - See more on ultimasreportagens

INTERIOR DESIGN | FIGURES OF SPEECH Cover story | October 2010 issue
Montenegro + Partners merges fiction and function at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal

Wallpaper* | November 2010 issue

Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira and Kim Jong-Kyu | Amorepacific R&D Center | South Korea

Aires Mateus | Centro de Interpretação da Lagoa das Furnas - São Miguel - Açores
Aires Mateus | Monitoring and Investigation Center of Furnas - São Miguel - Azores

Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira | Casa no Porto
Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira | House in Oporto

Exposição "Três Obras a Oriente de Álvaro Siza" | Para uma bienal - Viana do Castelo
Exibition "Três Obras a Oriente de Álvaro Siza" | Para uma bienal - Viana do Castelo

Fernando Guerra acompanha o arquitecto Álvaro Siza desde 2005 em diversas viagens de trabalho e fotografa as novas obras do atelier.
Esta exposição mostra três das últimas obras na Coreia do Sul fotografadas nos últimos cinco anos.

Since 2005, Fernando Guerra has accompanied the architect Álvaro Siza on different work assignments and photographed all of his studio's new projects.
This exhibition shows three of Siza's last projects from South Korea photographed between 2005 and 2010.


Exposição INTERIORES 4 artistas + 1 fotógrafo de arquitectura
Filipa César | João Paulo Feliciano | Daniel Malhão | Edgar Martins + Fernando Guerra

INTERIORES exibition 4 artists + 1 architecture photographer
Filipa César | João Paulo Feliciano | Daniel Malhão | Edgar Martins + Fernando Guerra

Últimas capas
Latest covers

A FG+SG mantêm uma relação directa com as melhores publicações de arquitectura mundiais, impressas e online. Todos os trabalhos realizados são partilhados com os nossos parceiros editoriais. Aqui poderá consultar algumas das capas de imprensa mais recentes idealizadas com as nossas imagens.

FG+SG maintains direct relations with the principal architecture and design publications, both print and online. All of our work is shared with our base of publishing partners. We select a few of the front covers which are based on our photographs.

Museu Mimesis, Paju Book City, Coreia do Sul | Álvaro Siza
Mimesis Museum, Paju Book City, South Korea | Álvaro Siza

The story so far: Álvaro Siza Mimesis Museum

Drawings, sketches and images of the design process, construction and the finished building, with the visits on site from Siza.

Summer lights / summer nights
My summers are always filled with work. And this one is no exception. I know it's been a little quiet around here and in Facebook lately - my apologies. The truth is we have more info and announcements coming in the next weeks than I've probably ever had for a long time. I have been working non stop in Portugal and abroad, shooting some great new buildings and houses to share later on. I'm pretty excited actually. But for now, some random images at a friends house near Faro, Portugal. One of the many houses that I have just shot.
An ode to a great summer. Great things to come!

Fernando Guerra
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Angola 2009
Football images Football can be found in every corner of the globe regardless the boundary of nationality, race or class. When working abroad, I'm constantly surrounded by kids playing and sometimes, just have to be part of that passion somehow. This World Cup Tournament final match was the most-watched event in television history. I was out shooting, but could hear the roar on the streets. "Impressive" I thought. Did not wonder about the result, and just kept working. Even if I don't follow any particular home football team or what's happening in the Portuguese championships, the photos of people playing, those I always fell the need to keep. Here are some I did last summer, when I was doing research in Angola for an upcoming book.

Fernando Guerra
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