The Azeitão House
Atelier Central


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Thinking a house

The starting point was a simple concern: to resemble a house. Its form was to be basic. Its material - concrete.
Time as an ally. By analogy, emulation and filtration, the elements appear: roof, windows, chimney, porch, balcony, railings. Apparently opaque. Strong and unexpected interior/exterior contrast. The effects on exposed materials: Oxidation, erosion, drought, dampness.


The project moved to a lot in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão. The family asked for a house with a view of the mountains, but closed to the immediate environs. The house occupies all of the available area, as the triangular shape of the lot allowed for the free demarcation of its boundaries, accentuating its separation from the nearest surroundings. A monolithic volume of apparent concrete is punctuated by openings that appear as a result of interior rigor, covered with a zinc roof. At the ground level, the interior recedes on the southern and western sides, generating a transitional space between interior and exterior. The recessed glass windows are protected by enormous panels of Cor-Ten steel. The stairs accessing the floors are a distributive element, occupying the entire northern façade. The house is organized into four levels: a basement for the garage/atelier; ground floor for the living room and kitchen; first floor with four bedrooms, a large access area for study/leisure and the bathroom; attic for the music room/library. White, Scots pine, tiles and honed stone of the interior contrast with the cement, iron and hewn stone of the exterior.


Moradia Quinta dos  Foios L55, Azeitão . Portugal 2002 . 2005         

Location - Quinta dos Foios Lote 55, Aldeia Rica, Azeitão . Portugal
Project date -  2002 . 2003
Date of construction - 2004 . 2005
Client - Renata Vanda Leong
Architecture -  Miguel Beleza, José Martinez / Atelier Central, arquitectos, lda
Associates - João Graça, Sandra Pereira, architects
Structure - Pressuposto Lda
Specialisation - Pressuposto Lda / LMSA SA
Landscaping - Miguel Beleza ,arquitecto
Construction - Sequeira e Martinez Lda
Cost - 400 000 € (euros), area of construction – 506 m², cost/m² - 790.5€




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Implantação   Planta do lote
Alçado noreste sa   Alçado noroeste
Alçado sudeste   Alçado sudoeste
Corte 1   Corte 2
Planta piso -1   Planta piso 0
Planta piso 1   Planta piso 2

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