Fernando Guerra wins Arcaid Images
Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés | EPFL Quartier Nord in Ecublens, Switzerland

The winner of the 2015 ARCAID IMAGES ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD was announced at The World Architecture Festival. The overall winner of the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award in association with Sto and supported by World Architecture Festival is - FERNANDO GUERRA

Fernando Guerra's stunning image of Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés' EPFL Quartier Nord in Ecublens, Switzerland, has won the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award. Announced at the ongoing World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore, the image was selected by a panel of judges for its ability to "translate the sophistication of architecture into a readable and understandable two dimensions".

4 of the 20 best photograhies were from Fernando Guerra, who is the overall winner of 2015

Arcaid has shortlisted 20 of the year's best architectural images for their 2015 awards - The annual Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards. The images were presented in four categories - Exteriors, Interiors, Sense of Place, and Building in Use - and judged by an esteemed panel on their atmospheric quality, composition, use of scale and more.

"The architecture itself is the focus and the image regarded only as the medium. The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award aims to put the focus onto the skill and creativity of the photographer,” said the Award’s organizers. Each shortlisted image was judged on the merits of the photography for composition, sense of place, atmosphere and use of scale; Guerra had the highest scoring image overall.

The high level of photography has made it a very difficult the task to choose the winners. The most important thing for us has been the concept and atmosphere of the images. How they have been perceived and expressed through the creativity and inspiration of the photographer,” said architects and jury members Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga.

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Exhibition: The Arcaid Images
Featuring 6 images by Fernando Guerra including the winning image of 2015

Apresenta 4 fotografias de Fernando Guerra
incluindo a fotografia vencedora de 2015

Até 25 de Março de 2016
Sto Werkstatt
7-9 Woodbridge St, Gt London EC1R 0LL GB

Quarta - Sexta, 10 - 16h

Featuring 4 images by Fernando Guerra
including the winning image of 2015

Until March 25th, 2016
Sto Werkstatt
7-9 Woodbridge St, Gt London EC1R 0LL GB

Opening Times:
Wednesday - Friday, 10 AM - 4 PM
A exposição mostra todos os nomeados e as imagens vencedoras do Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2015, apresentando alguns dos mais renomeados fotógrafos de arquitectura, incluíndo o grande vencedor Fernando Guerra.

A exposição está dividida em quatro categorias que exploram diferentes qualidades arquitectónicas e diversas abordagens e metodologias. As categorias Building in use, Exteriors, Interiors and Sense of place demonstram um amplo espectro de estilos e abordagens fotográficas bem como uma excepcional diversificação de formas arquitectónicas.

Pelo terceiro ano, a Sto Werkstatt em parceria com a Arcaid Images apresenta “Building Images”, desenvolvendo uma plataforma que explora e celebra as qualidades dos fotógrafos de arquitectura, encorajando o debate sobre a disciplina entre fotógrafos, arquitectos e entusiastas.
  The exhibition showcases all the shortlisted, and winning images from The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards 2015, and features some of the world’s most renowned architectural photographers including overall winner Fernando Guerra as well as short listed entrants.

The exhibition is divided into four categories that explore different architectural qualities and a diverse technical approach and methodology. The categories Building in use, Exteriors, Interiors and Sense of place demonstrate a broad range of photographic styles and approaches to the medium as well as featuring a diverse set of outstanding architectural forms.

This is the third year, Sto Werkstatt in partnership with Arcaid Images has presented Building Images and we are proud to continually create this platform to explore and celebrate the skills of architectural photographers, and to encourage debate around the discipline among photographers, architects and enthusiasts alike.
Imagens da cerimónia de entrega dos prémios e da exposição:   Arcaid awards exhibition and ceremony photographs:

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